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    Rise to Every Occasion – 

    Have you spent your entire life chasing your dream but never quite getting there, left feeling worried and frustrated about your future maybe even wondering what’s wrong with you? I’m so glad you’ve landed here – I can help.

    As performers, we are used to pushing ourselves to the edge of our limits. We are often so used to pushing ourselves, we don’t realize when pushing stops working.

    We just keep pushing thinking, ‘If I just work harder, DO MORE, I can make it happen.’

    Until one day we recognize how tired we are of pushing for sometimes years and not seeing the result we had been working toward, planning for, and dreaming about get any closer.

    We start asking ourselves why we are really making all these sacrifices.

    No matter what that obstacle is in life, or in sport – an injury, difficulty focusing, loss of confidence, or maybe coach/teammate relationship challenges, emotional regulation, choking, and so on–coming to the realization that you are stuck and need help can be an extremely difficult, and often humbling experience.

    Where you are right now can be the beginning of something truly remarkable – the realization of your dreams.

    In the beginning our efforts bring so much joy!  It’s so very much worth all of our hard work – it’s like we were born to do it!!

    Then the challenges begin.  Sometimes it’s our own expectations. expectations from parents or family , maybe it’s our coach or boss’s expectations, maybe it’s from social media…when those expectations get so big and seemingly so very important our focus shifts.  We We feel so much pressure- the joy is all but gone and it feels like such har work and then finally… what’s the point?  We end up lowering our standards, eventually walking away from our dreams living with “what if’s” and regrets.   

    I can’t say that our work together won’t be challenging.

    The reason performers finally contact someone like me is because of the pain of unfulfilled dreams or the fear of losing their dream- they KNOW they have the potential to DO better or more but aren’t quite sure how. They come to that first session with a mixture of feeling scared, confused and also maybe a bit hopeful.

    In the back of their mind they may be wondering “ but can you really help me?”

    Together, we will build a strong, supportive relationship based in respect for who you are and the skills you have all ready learned.  I will help you to strengthen and embody that very most powerful part of yourself which will allow your inner light to shine.

    I will actively listen to you both verbally as well as somatically, asking powerful insightful questions, helping you to identify and use your strengths, providing you with opportunities for further growth and exploration between sessions, and encouragement through gentle accountability.

    Our work together will be focused on creating YOUR best life – with our eye on solutions – not problems. At the end of each week you will feel stronger, more empowered and confident about where you are headed and how to get there. 

    When our work is finished you will have learned the mental skills of high achievers and know you will always have support for the mental side of your craft. You will know how to apply these skills. You will be able to maintain a mindful, embodied presence which will allow you to Rise to Every Occasion. And most importantly, you will have the opportunity to live a life of fulfillment, free from regret, confident and grateful that you have done your absolute best.

    About Sherri L. Felton

    I know from my own personal experience, from research, and from my experience as a Change Agent seeing people achieve their dreams, what sets that person apart from all others is their ability to use their mind to their advantage.

    My life’s passion is to provide growth opportunities for people who know they’re capable of more and haven’t quite been able to figure out how to get there.

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