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    How will we meet?

    We will meet virtually. I use a HIPAA compliant tele-health platform called doxyme. Here is the link to my virtual office:

    I can also be mobile! What that means is if I work with an entire team, I can meet at your place of practice. When I work with an individual, it may be occasionally beneficial for me to travel to your practice and/or game to observe so I can get a better sense of how you are implementing the mental training you are learning and what areas may need some tweaking. We will discuss this together so you would always know before I arrive.

    How much do your sessions cost?

    My hourly rate is $175 for individual Coaching/Counseling work. Package Discounts available – call for more details.

    How long are your sessions?

    The first session is usually a 75- to 90-minute session where we will get to know each other. I will learn about your history, what you want to be different in your life, and we will create a plan of action to get you there.

    • 60 minutes (50-minute session, plus 10 minutes for therapist’s notes)
    • 90 minutes (80-minute session, plus 10 minutes for therapist’s notes)
    • 120 minutes (110-minute session, plus 10 minutes for therapist’s notes), etc.

    Call me for more information.

    Do you bill insurance?

    No, I do not bill insurance. Neither Coaching, nor Consulting is considered medically necessary. Insurance covers only “Medically Necessary Treatment” which requires a provider to make a diagnosis according to ICD-10/DSM IV. While I understand the necessity, I am not a fan of providing a medical diagnosis that gets shared electronically along with all your other personal information to your insurance company. 

    Do you provide a Superbill?

    YES – IF we decide therapy would be useful AND you have a diagnosable condition and you are open to submitting it to your insurance company for reimbursement. This does not guarantee reimbursement; you will need to contact your insurance company to learn the details of your specific plan.

    What is Performance Coaching/Consulting?

    Performance Coaching is a client-centered process focused on the issues you present with, helping you to develop, grow and make better choices in line with your values. Coaching is a valuable tool for athletes, students, physicians, performing artists, leaders, and entrepreneurs – really any high-achieving performer. You will learn how the mind influences performance, and how to apply specific strategies to optimize your performance.

    You may learn what blocks you have that keep you from performing your best and how to help remove or get past that block. We will work together to help with preparation, motivation, staying calm and steady, as well as performing in competitive situations.We may help you to develop leadership skills.

    Performance Consulting is focused on achieving a particular outcome related to your performance. It can help improve motivation, confidence, focus and efficiency which provides you with the mental acuity necessary for optimal performance of your craft.

    Performance Coaching/Consulting – how long does it take to see results?

    The specific strategies used by performers from creative artists to recreational athletes to elite athletes at the highest level isn’t magic – there is no “quick fix” to having the performance of your lifetime.

    I know you have spent hours and hours and hours training yourself physically; the mental skills you will learn will also need developing and honing. You will get better and better the more you use them. Thus, it will take some time.

    A lot of it depends on what skills/strategies you currently use and what might be getting in your way. Some people find they only need a few sessions; others prefer more consistent meetings over time for the additional support, especially for key competitions or crucial periods in your performance cycle. We will get a better feel for how many sessions might be most helpful for you at our first meeting.

    How is Therapy different from Performance Coaching and Consulting?

    Therapy is a process that unfolds over time built on uncovering the core why of unhelpful patterns that developed from your past. We first talk about why you’re in therapy, explore relevant history and background, as well as anything else that is important for me to understand about you. Then we set goals for change, including what specialties of mine that might be helpful, such as EMDR, Brainspotting, and/or Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. I occasionally will ask that you practice a new skill – or keep a journal.

    Performance Coaching – is based on the premise that you are Creative, Resourceful and Whole – that you have all you need inside AND you need some support bringing what is inside to the surface. It is ALWAYS based on what YOUR goals are both in the long term as well as each session.

    Sport and Performance Consulting is more educational in nature. It will absolutely require practice on your part – just like you practice the physical skills of your craft. So, you would most likely have homework. 

    As you might guess, it can sometimes be very difficult to separate therapy, coaching and consulting which makes my expertise so very valuable.

    How many sessions will I need?

    This is so variable. It depends on what is going on for you, what changes you want to make, and how motivated you are. If you have experienced trauma, rest assured that we will only go at a pace that your nervous system can tolerate.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    I have the utmost respect for your time, and I will always do my best to be conscientious about the time we have scheduled together beginning and ending on time. I expect the same from the people that I work with.

    I totally understand, however, that life happens and things come up. I do request 24-hour notice of cancellation. Without 24 hours’ notice, you will be charged my normal rate for the time we have scheduled. If you have experienced an emergency or something beyond your control, such as illness, please let me know at your earliest opportunity. I will never charge your credit card without your knowledge.

    How do you maintain my privacy?

    I take your privacy very seriously – both from an ethical and legal point of view. I will provide you the highest level of confidentiality allowed legally. I often see performers with an increased need for privacy. In these circumstances, additional privacy considerations can be taken which may include special scheduling, location accommodations, customized intensives (multiple hour sessions) which will accommodate clients with heavy travel and public lifestyles. Contact me for information on fees for intensives; these are determined by location, day, time, and length of sessions.

    Will you talk to my Athletic Coach, Physical Therapist, Physician or other provider?

    That depends on whether you want me to or not. Sometimes it can be very helpful—however, never without your written authorization.

    Do you offer video or phone sessions?

    Yes!! I am working 100% virtually at this time.

    What do I do next if I want to know more about working with you?

    Easy – simply click on this link to send an encrypted message to me or give me a call!

    Who inspires me the most?

    This is the easiest question of all! YOU! I am always so very amazed at the strength and power of the human spirit to overcome such ridiculously difficult situations or past traumas to reach amazing heights, shining their inner light brightly, living the joyful life of their dreams! Give me a call so you too can soar!!