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    High Performance Coaching/Consulting

    High-performance coaching is about helping you to reach your full potential, in any area of your life!

    As a former athlete, you have learned many, many mental skills which allowed you to optimize your performance – it’s not uncommon for athletes to not realize how to translate those skills from the field/court/pool/rink/slope, etc., into the professional domain. 

    In every professional domain there is an element of performance – whether it is on the field, court, pool, boardroom, office or classroom. Coaching is co-active and collaborative! You and I will establish YOUR vision and YOUR goals. We will help you to identify your current strengths, which we will continue to build on which will invariably also bring to light the barriers or blind spots that are the sticking points which have kept you from reaching your goals up to now.

    Maybe you want to learn how to be more “balanced” or feel more fulfilled. Maybe you need to learn how to bring more empathy as a Leader into your workplace.

    Performance coaching can help with whatever your self improvement goals are in areas such as speaking skills, confidence in groups and/or around superiors, conflict resolution, and even how to be even more engaged and productive, to name just a few.

    Some of the tools I may use include EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) Performance protocol, Positive Psychology, and Somatic work- which combined is a very powerful trio! The basis of all of our work together is Mindfulness. Mindfulness is one of the techniques used which will promote your psychological growth and transformation. After all – performance happens NOW- not in the past nor in the future. Building your ability to be present goes a long way toward helping you be your best self!!

    High-performance Consulting is focused on achieving a particular outcome related to your performance- and is usually contract based. Once the outcome is met, the contract is complete. It can help improve motivation, confidence, focus and efficiency which provides you with the mental acuity necessary for optimal performance of your craft.